Yetunde Rodriguez.
Born in Ibadan, Nigeria. Emigrated to Morgantown, WV. Proudly Served in the U.S. Navy 1991-1995. Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Hampton University in 1999. Resides in Dayton Ohio. These specific touch points make me.
My path to art (much like my life) has been circuitous, with interesting turns. I started off interested in pattern design, and ended up multimedia abstract art, simply by questioning "what if?” I am guided by curiosity, always looking to see beyond the seen.
I have always been interested in "the space between." I look for the pattern behind the pattern. I started with an interest in surface pattern design based on the lovely patterns in African Art.
In the process of hand-printing patterns onto fabric for personal accessories and home decor, I became more interested in exploring the shapes/patterns behind my original patterns. I discovered that variety (and therefore new meaning) can be teased out of the repetition. Much like life, there is usually more behind the scenes. 
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